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Fujii Ryusei 藤井龍勢 - Hattan 35

Ryusei Limited Series! A charming one brewed by Hattan 35, Hiroshima’s local sake rice. It's appreciated by sake lovers for its relatively high acid Umami tastiness from Kimoto method. Recommended for drinking at room temperature featuring a lustrous acid to go with Oyster and dishes by stewing.


Please store this drink at 5-7 °C in fridge.

Fujii Ryusei 藤井龍勢 - Hattan 35

  • Origin

    Brewery: Fujii Brewery 藤井酒造

    Area: Hiroshima

  • Characteristics

    Grade: Junmai Ginjo 純米吟醸

    Method: Kimoto 無添加酵母生酛

    Polishing Rate: 60%

    Acidity: 2.3

    Alcohol: 16%

    Rice: Hattan 35

  • Tasting

    Tasting Notes: Vivid, Fresh, Dry

    Flavours & Aromas: N/A

  • Serving & Pairing

    Serving Temperature: Room temperature (15-20 °C)

    Food Pairing: Oyster, Stew dishes

  • Others

    Bottle Size: 720ml

    Brew Year: R2BY

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