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Wakura 和蔵 - Tomato Sake
  • Blended sweet tomatoes, grown and harvested from Minamiboso Chiba prefecture, with Japanese sake, to produce this appetising red sake.


    Please store this drink at 5-7 °C in fridge.


    Wakura 和蔵 - Tomato Sake

    • Origin

      Brewery: Wakura Brewery 和蔵酒造

      Area: Chiba

    • Characteristics

      Grade: Tomato Sake

      Alcohol: 8%

      Ingredients: Tomato

    • Tasting

      Tasting Notes: Sweet

      Flavours & Aromas: Tomatoes

    • Serving

      Serving Temperature: Cold

    • Others

      Bottle Size: 500ml

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