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Tohei Fukuiwai 藤平福祝 - Omachi

A flagship of the Tohei Brewery that is always attracting Omachi rice sake lovers. It's light and elegant on the palate, with gentle fruity aroma and profound umami, leaving you a lasting aftertaste.


This is a Jyunshu (醇酒) with full body richness, elegant aroma and acidity. Read more about this type of sake here.


Please store this drink at 5-7 °C in fridge.

Tohei Fukuiwai 藤平福祝 - Omachi

  • Origin

    Brewery: Tohei Brewery 藤平酒造

    Area: Chiba

  • Characteristics

    Grade: Junmai Daiginjo 純米大吟醸

    Polishing Rate: 50%

    Acidity: 1.5

    Alcohol: 15-16%

    Rice: 100% Okayama Omachi

  • Tasting

    Tasting Notes: Rich, Round

    Flavours & Aromas: Elegant fragrance with nutty flavour

  • Serving & Pairing

    Serving Temperature: Room temperature (10-20 °C)

    Food Pairing: Oden, Simmered fish with daikon, Salmon in butter, Beef steak, Stirred fried beef, Sweet & sour pork, Cheese (camembert, brie)

  • Others

    Bottle Size: 720ml

    Brew Year: R3BY

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