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Nihonizumi 日本泉 - Fumakuchitori

Freshly pressed, unfiltered, raw sake, featuring an elegant and fruity aroma and a clean and refreshing taste. This is very popular among young people as an aperitif cold drink. To enjoy its aroma flavour, it's recommended to drink this using a white wine glass.


This is categorised in between Soshu (爽酒) and Kunshu (薫酒). Read more about this type of sake here.


This must be kept in fridge preferably less than 5°C, and once opend please finish asap as this is not pasteurised and still fermenting.

Nihonizumi 日本泉 - Fumakuchitori

  • Origin

    Brewery: Nihonizumi Brewery 日本泉酒造

    Area: Gifu

  • Characteristics

    Grade: Junmai Ginjo 純米吟醸

    Method: Muroka Nama Sake

    Polishing Rate: 60%

    Acidity: 1.5

    Alcohol: 17-18%

    Rice: Hidahomare

  • Tasting

    Tasting Notes: Aromatic, Fruity, Semi-Dry

    Flavours & Aromas: N/A

  • Serving & Pairing

    Serving Temperature: Cold (around 10 °C)

    Food Pairing: Cold tofu, Soba, Marinated seafood, Pasta in tomato/basil, Fried chicken karaage, Yakiniku, Capresse salad, White fish in ponzu, Boiled conger with plum, Carpaccio with citrus, Vietnamese spring roll, Green papaya salad

  • Others

    Bottle Size: 720ml

    Brew Year: R3BY 

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